Tom Holland hair. Styling your Hairstyle like Spiderman


Before you get anything close to Tom Holland hair, first you need to get yourself a Tom Holland hair cut.

This is a standard medium length hair cut. Tom Holland knows a medium length scissor cut haircut only too well.

With so many short and long haircuts out there at the minute, it can be difficult for the men with medium length hairstyles but if you find yourself looking for inspiration, the Tom Holland hair cut is a great place to start.

tom holland hair

If you go back as far as Tom Holland hair in Infinity War movie, it is around five to six inches, but more recently he had it cut shorter into a medium length for Spiderman Far From Home.

The main thing we notice about Tom Holland hair is that it’s almost always a traditional scissor cut, nicely tailored to him, his head shape and his hair. The back and sides are taken short and tapered, but even though he has made the news for an occasional buzz cut you never see any skin.

Here’s how to achieve your very own Tom Holland hair cut and inspired hairstyle using our award-winning, celebrity loved, Hairbond products. But first, here’s how you can ask your barber.

tom holland hair

Asking your Barber For Tom Holland Haircut

Firstly grow your Tom Holland hair out slightly longer than you think then you can get your barber to use this length and add in the shape. Your barber will be able to tailor this style to you taking into account both your head shape as well as hair type so it should be completely unique and personable to you by the time they’re finished.

Show your barber the picture of Tom Holland for inspiration and leave it with the expert to give you the best version of what you’re asking for. If there’s any confusion instruct them to scissor cut all over, and blend only slightly shorter into the sides (no undercuts).

Use your finger length as a guide, tidy and soft approach to ears and neck are a must, leaving it natural.

You don’t want any harsh line outs.. For finer or curlier hair then let your hair use it’s natural texture. If you have thicker hair ask your barber to add texture throughout to help you style it.  Styling the Tom Holland haircut will depend on what you like from a product and your hair type.

Tom Holland Far From Home Hairstyle

For thicker Tom Holland hairstyles

You can really get away with any product you like. For a matte, natural finish use a matte wax or clay-like the Hairbond Moulder, Hairbond Mattifier or Hairbond Distorter.

tom holland hair hairbond

But to add an element of shine to the hair use a product that adds a little sheen, as Tom does, and try a paste or creams like the Hairbond Shaper or Hairbond Gripper.

tom holland hair gripper

For fine/thin Tom Holland hairstyles

Use a product that gives a natural matte finish to the hair, like the Hairbond Texturiser Sea Salt Spray or Hairbond Moulder.

tom holland hair

Once you have every hair in place you can begin to release your very own inner superhero.

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