Make waves with Hairbond’s Sea Salt Spray

Hairbond Texturiser Professional Sea Salt Spray

Hairbond’s Texturiser is a sea salt spray that everyone needs in their grooming arsenal this summer.

It is easy to use and very quick to style, this sea salt spray will add texture and body without leaving your hair feeling sticky, greasy, shiny or hard.

One of the many benefits of a trip abroad to a sunny sandy shore is the impressive appearance which your hair gains from spending a day splashing about in the sea.

Hairbond Texturiser Professional Sea Salt Spray has been designed to replicate the dishevelled and ultra-fashionable appearance that previously required a visit to the beach to gain; providing body and impressive texture with just one application.

What is it?

Sea salt spray is exactly that: a spray formula with salt and additional conditioning compounds.

Salt water is known for absorbing the natural oils in your hair which is why you get texture, waves and volume after a day at the beach.

Due to its beach-like effect, sea salt spray has fast become a summer staple in the grooming bags of both men and women around the world.

The benefits

Due to its versatility, sea salt spray works perfectly with various hair types to both prep (with or without a hair dryer) and style.

For fine hair 

This sea salt spray will add grip and texture to fine and flyaway hair. It’s a great treatment to boost fine and limp hair before using your usual styling product. It works perfectly before using any other Hairbond styling product.

Hairbond Texturiser Spray suitable for Men

For thick hair 

Sea salt spray is also great for thick hair. It will add texture, body and volume without weighing the hair down. It’s a really great option for those who want to style their hair but don’t want it to look like it has any product in it. 

Hairbond Texturiser Spray Suitable for Women

How to use  


This technique is great for relaxed and loose styles.

  • Spray 3-4 pumps of sea salt spray into your hair.
  • Using your hands, work it through root to tip.
  • Style your hair with your hands.
  • Leave your hair to dry naturally.


A hair dryer will speed up the process and allow you to work more volume into your hair.

  • Spray 3-4 pumps of sea salt spray into your hair.
  • Using your hands, work it through root to tip.
  • Set your hair dryer to a medium heat and fast speed.
  • As you dry, work your hands through your hair, directing it in the direction you want to set it in.
  • Stop using your hair dryer as soon as your hair is dry.
  • Finish by using your favourite Hairbond styling product to add structure and definition.

Excelling in all hair types regardless of gender, this Hairbond sea salt spray is suitable for the summer thanks to its long-term inbuilt protection against UV damage.

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